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September 30th

I am so sick of these presidential candidates. They are both changing their tune left and right regarding the “economic crisis” that’s happening right now (and by economic crisis I mean “scare tactic”).

What’s right for this country is for everything to go back to what it should be. Housing values are in a slump? I think not; they’re going back to where they should be. Loans are tight and hard to get? Shouldn’t they always be?! Should we give every average Joe Blow with bad credit a loan? Of course not!

Let the chips fall where they may. Take back this county. We don’t even need a president anymore. Call back the Truman Committee, hold these liars and thieves accountable and regain our money.

No more $300 million payments to shell companies for 60′s era Chinese bullets to foreign countries, no more billing for thousands of food supplies to a mere couple thousand, no more over billing and not looking into it!

I vote for no candidate. I vote for no income tax since I have no faith it’s going to any productive source, I vote let it slide and if you are gulliable enough to sign up for a loan you can’t afford, or if you’re a predator for loans; you all should burn. It’s basic math folks. A $5 calculator will keep you out of trouble.

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