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April 11th

I just came across this site, that doesn’t make a lot of sense. Anyone heard of the “Paranormal Research Foundation?”

From their site:

“The Paranormal Research Foundation was founded in 1974 in an effort to better understand the mysteries of the afterlife living around us. Dr. James Fisher began the foundation after years of research of the Paranormal and realized that further exploration was terribly important for the human race.

“We know so little of the afterlife, yet have proof that it exists here around us; and interacts with us whether we’re aware of it or not.” – Dr. Fisher, April 28th, 1974

For the majority of the life of the foundation, all research material and documentation has been archived in organized boxes on shelves with the Foundation’s offices. It has just been lately that most of the public information the Foundation releases has been available online.

Please feel free to search our archives and be educated on the Paranormal.

Dr. James Fisher, Paranormal Research Scientist and Founder”

Sounds like a bunch of crackpots to me.

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