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March 30th

Nine Inch Nails is set to release a new record on April 16 in the states, and I’m sure it will be top-notch like all of Trent’s releases. But this album is a little different, reading around the web, it appears it’s a soundtrack to an unmade film that Trent may, or may not be working on (all information was gathered from wikipedia).

“Year Zero” is about the future; fifteen years in to be exact. The album could be about the end of the world, or just a major shift in direction. Either way, it sounds very intriguing, and the current promotion for it is pretty incredible.

All promotional material made for the upcoming release have been filled with subliminal messages and hidden gems to trek through. If you look closely enough, there are about 15 or so websites that have been designed to help promote the album (and movie?), and to allow us to all experience year zero, and hopefully to get up and do something about the world we live in now to make Year Zero (2022) a good one.

You can pre-order the album on iTunes and grab the first track “Survivalism” (which has a great video to boot I might add on yearzero.nin.com).

Experience Year Zero

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