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March 23rd

Via MiamiHerald.com

What’s the most exciting thing to do on a cruise liner besides catching the flu? Well, get hammered on booze and medication and jump ship. Michael Mankamyer did just that. After ordering room service and drinking some booze, he bailed 70 feet off his Carnival Cruise balcony about 30 miles from Port Everglades.

When asked what happened after he began drinking, he responded “I don’t remember much after that. Apparently, the alcohol took over with my medication I was on.”

Soon after a coast guard ship appeared, but wasn’t close enough to see Michael bobbing up and down with the waves.

“As soon as I saw the Coast Guard and I thought I was saved, and they turned around and didn’t see me, it definitely set in that you are in trouble and that you might not make it.”

But, after a few, they found and airlifted him to a nearby hospital. Luckily he only suffered mild hypothermia and was released. Escaping a slot in this year’s Darwin awards.
Well, if Michael is ever caught on a sinking ship, he’s already got some practice under his belt.

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