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That’s right. It’s been a long time coming, but the theme is ready and free for you all to use. Want to see it? Well, you’re looking at it! (pretty much).

There has been some updates to the theme since it’s been initially built. Actually, MANY updates to clean it up, stream line it and actually make it better that the site here now. Want to give it a test drive?


Why is it called “Gumball Special?” Well… why not?! I made it for ya, I can name the sucker!

It sports Gravatar, an awesome layout, custom image field thingies and well, just looks plain ‘ol awesome.

Download it here.

Want some extras? You can have all the psd files I used from day one of HB til now.

There you have it. Keep the footer text links at the very least. If you dig the logos, keep them too! Just link back here somehow. There’s a couple readme files in there to help you out. If you get stuck, go to my contact form (I’m giving myself away here) and ask me what’s up. Just make sure you tell me it’s regarding the HELLBISCUIT theme.

Enjoy! If you don’t… go away!

September 30th

I am so sick of these presidential candidates. They are both changing their tune left and right regarding the “economic crisis” that’s happening right now (and by economic crisis I mean “scare tactic”).

What’s right for this country is for everything to go back to what it should be. Housing values are in a slump? I think not; they’re going back to where they should be. Loans are tight and hard to get? Shouldn’t they always be?! Should we give every average Joe Blow with bad credit a loan? Of course not!

Let the chips fall where they may. Take back this county. We don’t even need a president anymore. Call back the Truman Committee, hold these liars and thieves accountable and regain our money.

No more $300 million payments to shell companies for 60′s era Chinese bullets to foreign countries, no more billing for thousands of food supplies to a mere couple thousand, no more over billing and not looking into it!

I vote for no candidate. I vote for no income tax since I have no faith it’s going to any productive source, I vote let it slide and if you are gulliable enough to sign up for a loan you can’t afford, or if you’re a predator for loans; you all should burn. It’s basic math folks. A $5 calculator will keep you out of trouble.

September 28th

In case you missed it, the brand new episode of season 3 just went across the air waves tonight. I have to admit, at first it was a tad slow, but again the end just leaves you wanting to fast-forward to next Monday. Dexter is one of the few shows I watch, and have never been let down.

There’s some big happenings in store as usual this season… and I’m sure once the season ends it will feel like it just began since it’s so good. If you can’t catch it, now is a great time to shell out and buy a DVR.

Showtime has been churning out some awesome series the past few years.

Also make sure to check out the prints that Shepard Fairey did for promoting the series – OBEY.


I just got my copy of Tyler’s latest print, “The Road Warrior” and it’s downright awesome. Tyler illustrates and produces movie posters for the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and then occasionally lets a few loose to purchase at his site.

His work is outstanding. Make sure to check out his portfolio and grab someprints if they’re any availble. All of the Road Warrior ones were gone with 12 hours, so get on the mailing list and check that inbox!

Now if he’d just reprint the posters he did for John Carpenter’s The Thing…

September 19th

HELLBISCUIT has been without TLC for over a year now. Very Bad. We’re working on new material and going to breathe some life back into this corpse.

Also if you’ve tried emailing in the past, I probably haven’t seen it. I’m kind of scared to look through that inbox now after a year, but here goes…

November 29th

EvanEckard.com has some nice free wordpress templates for use. All that is required is that the link back in the footer be kept – other than that, feel free to hack it apart and use it as you wish.

The first is “Humidor.” That design won a few awards and got a fair amount of recognition across the web. Now you can use it to dress up your own site with it.

The next is “Gotham Nights.” A dark theme with a little northern lights thrown in for fun. This theme uses a few javascript effects to add some pizzazz to the site. This one is a great one to modify. Andrew took it and made it so much better!

May 4th

Now this band just rocks. I’ve never heard psychobilly fronted by such a rockin’ female singer since Wanda Jackson. This band has it DOWN.

Their album “Sell Your Soul” is by far one of the best I’ve heard in some time. “Creatures of the Night” and “Psycho Ball and Chain” are stand out tracks. The end of “Doghouse” is hands down hilarious and worth picking up the album alone.

Don’t pass this one up – it’s on my top 11.

April 18th

Support the West Memphis 3 by getting bidding on some items at Skeleton Key Auctions. Never heard of the West Memphis 3? Read up!

Also check out SkeletonKeyArt.com


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